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Hex-bolt Carbon Steel Metric Hex Head Bolts Screws 4.8 8.8 Grade DIN933 DIN931 16mm-70mm

Hex-boltCarbonSteelMetricHexHeadBoltsScrews4.88.8GradeDIN933DIN93116mm-70mmProductDescription    Welcometo  HEBEI YUETONG FASTENERS MANUFACTURING CO.,LTD ,Bolts,nuts,screw,washers,threadedrods,anchorsareourmainproducts.Hexheadboltisthebestcommonproduct.WecanmanufacturethisboltinaccordanceBSW,DIN,ANSI,andcustomers'requirementswiththebestprice.Hexheadboltoftenuseforallkindsofmachinery,homeappliance,electronicproducts,computers,powerswitches,buildingetc.Metricseriescarbonsteelhexboltgenerallysuppliedinclass4.8andclass8.8asperDIN933/DIN931.OurproducesizeisM6-M12,thelengthis16mm-70mm.Weoftenexporthexboltsaroundtheworld.Wearealwaystryourbesttofindabestsolutionforourcustomerstogetherwiththecompetitiveprice,thequalityofgoodsandthethepunctualdeliverytime.Wewanttogivecustomersthebestserviceandqualityassurance.Wehavestrictlycontroledqualitytoensureprovidehigh-qualityproductstoeverycustomer.Theimportanceisthatwedeliveryontime.Makecustomersatisfactionourgreatestmotivation,Welcometovisitourwebsiteandsendusemails,inquirysandwewillgiveyoutheresponsewithin24hours.Pleasefeelfreetodothat,wewillgiveyoubestserviceandofferyoulowerprice.    Specification:   SizeLengthM6*1616MMM6*2525MMM6*3030MMM6*5050MMM6*8080MM     Application   Buildings,machanicalequipments,bridges,tunnels,highspeedrailwaysetc     OurService   1.Goodafter-salesservice.Anysmallproblemhappeningwillbesolvedatthemostprompttime;2.Manyyearsofexportexperience;3.Specificationslistisavailableuponyourrequest;4.Welcometosendenquiry,wewillreplysoon;5.Promptshipmentwithprofessionaldocuments;6.Custompacking,withphotobeforeshipment;7.Highqualityandcompetitiveprice.   Ourcompany   HANDANQIANBANGFASTENERSMANUFACTURINGCO.,LTDislocatedinChina’slargestfastenersproductionbase---Yongnianfastenerscentre.Ourfactorywasfoundedin1991.Wehaveseveralsetsofadvancedequipments,adoptadvancedmodernmanagementandusehighqualitysteeltoproducehighqualityproducts.TheproductssoldthroughoutthedomesticandexportedtoSoutheastAsiaandEuropeandothercountriesandregions.Ourproductswingoodreputationwithdomesticandforeigncustomers.Ourfactorymainlyproduces:allkindsofflatwashers,springwashers,expansionscrews,hexnuts,flangenuts,hexbolts,flangebolts,sleeveanchor,fundationbolts,andthreadrobswithDIN,BSW,ANIS,.AndwealsoprovidetheOEM,Meanwhile,wearemanufacturingfactory,sowecangiveyouthebestqualityandthegoodprice.    OurAdvantages:   1.Wearemanufacture,haveownfactoery.2.Havegoodquality3.Givegoodprice4.Ascustomers'reqirementstogiveprefectpackages.5.Goodaftersales-service     FAQ     Q:Areyoutradingcompanyormanufacturer?A:Wearemanufacturer. Q:Howlongisyourdeliverytime?A:Denerallyitis5-10daysifthegoodsareinstock,oritis15-25daysifthegoodsneedbeproduced,itisaccordingtoquantityyouwant. Q:Whatisyourtermsofpayment?A:Payment<=1000USD,100%inadvance.Payment>=1000USD,30%T/Tinadvance,balancebeforeshipment.     Callme   Miss:MaryPhone:+8618631072316(whatsapp)Email:fasteners18631072316@hotmail.com   Contact DetailsHEBEI YUETONG FASTENERS MANUFACTURING CO.,LTDContact Person: AimeeEmail:aimee@ytfasteners.comWechat/WhatsApp/Skype: +86 15832018600



  • Название товара: Hex-bolt Carbon Steel Metric Hex Head Bolts Screws 4.8 8.8 Grade DIN933 DIN931 16mm-70mm
  • Номер товара: 1022496793499099136
  • Standard: DIN933
  • Size: M16
  • Length: 40mm
  • Grade/Material Quality: 4.8
  • Colour: ZINC
  • Mark: 5.8
  • Packing: 25KG/20KG/10KG carton
  • MOQ: 100
  • Unit: KG
  • EXW RMB PRICE: 6.49
  • kg/mpcs: 90.04
  • FOB USD PRICE: 1.03
  • RMB Carton: 0.15
  • USD Carton: 0.02
  • 产品描述
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    Hex-bolt Carbon Steel Metric Hex Head Bolts Screws 4.8 8.8 Grade DIN933 DIN93116mm-70mm

    Product Description
    Welcome to  HEBEI YUETONG FASTENERS MANUFACTURING CO.,LTD , Bolts, nuts, screw, washers, threaded rods, anchors are our main products. Hex head bolt is the best common product. We can manufacture this bolt in accordance BSW, DIN, ANSI, and customers' requirements with the best price. Hex head bolt often use for all kinds of machinery, home appliance, electronic products, computers, power switches, building etc. Metric series carbon steel hex bolt generally supplied in class 4.8 and class8.8 as per DIN933/DIN931 . Our produce size is M6-M12, the length is 16mm-70mm.We often export hex bolts around the world.

    We are always try our best to find a best solution for our customers together with the competitive price, the quality of goods and the the punctual delivery time.We want to give customers the best service and quality assurance.
    We have strictly controled quality to ensure provide high-quality products to every customer.The importance is that we delivery on time.Make customer satisfaction our greatest motivation,
    Welcome to visit our website and send us emails , inquirys and we will give you the response within 24hours. Please feel free to do that, we will give you best service and offer you lower price.

    Size Length
    M6*16 16MM
    M6*25 25MM
    M6*30 30MM
    M6*50 50MM
    M6*80 80MM

    Buildings, machanical equipments, bridges, tunnels, high speed railways etc
    Our Service

    1. Good after-sales service. Any small problem happening will be solved at the most prompt time;
    2. Many years of export experience;
    3. Specifications list is available upon your request;
    4. Welcome to send enquiry, we will reply soon;
    5. Prompt shipment with professional documents;
    6. Custom packing, with photo before shipment;

    7. High quality and competitive price.


    Our company

    HANDAN QIANBANG FASTENERS MANUFACTURING CO.,LTD is located in China’s largest fasteners production base---Yongnian fasteners centre.
    Our factory was founded in 1991.We have several sets of advanced equipments, adopt advanced modern management and use high quality steel to produce high quality products. The products sold throughout the domestic and exported to Southeast Asia and Europe and other countries and regions. Our products win good reputation with domestic and foreign customers.
    Our factory mainly produces: all kinds of flat washers, spring washers, expansion screws, hex nuts, flange nuts, hex bolts, flange bolts, sleeve anchor, fundation bolts, and thread robs with DIN, BSW, ANIS,.And we also provide the OEM, Meanwhile, we are manufacturing factory, so we can give you the best quality and the good price.

    Our Advantages:
    1. We are manufacture, have own factoery.
    2. Have good quality
    3. Give good price
    4. As customers' reqirements to give prefect packages.
    5. Good after sales-service
    Q: Are you trading company or manufacturer?
    A: We are manufacturer.
    Q: How long is your delivery time?
    A: Denerally it is 5-10days if the goods are in stock, or it is 15-25days if the goods need be produced, it is according to quantity you want.
    Q: What is your terms of payment?
    A: Payment <= 1000USD, 100% in advance. Payment >= 1000USD, 30% T/T in advance, balance before shipment.
    Call me
    Phone:+86 18631072316(whatsapp)
    Carbon Steel Metric Hex Head Bolts Screws 4.8 8.8 Grade DIN933 DIN93116mm-70mm

     Contact Details
    Contact Person: Aimee
    Wechat/WhatsApp/Skype: +86 15832018600 


1. послепродажное обслуживание хорошее, любые проблемы будут решены своевременно.

многолетний опыт экспорта.

спецификация может быть представлена в соответствии с вашей просьбой.

мы постараемся ответить на ваш запрос как можно скорее.

5. своевременная поставка с использованием Специальной документации.

6. индивидуальная упаковка с фотографией перед транспортировкой.

7, качество хорошее, цена конкурентоспособная.



компания отстает от крупнейшей производственной базы в китае - центра долговечных крепёжных деталей.

наш завод был основан в 1991 году, имеет несколько передовых оборудований, внедряет передовое, современное управление, внедряет высококачественные изделия из стали. товары продаются по всей стране и экспортируются в такие страны и регионы, как Юго - Восточная Азия и Европа. наша продукция завоевала хорошую репутацию как отечественных, так и зарубежных клиентов.

наш завод в основном производит: различные плоские шайбы, пружинные шайбы, расширительные винты, шестигранные гайки, фланцевые болты, болты, анкерные крепления втулки, базовые болты, а также резьбовые стержни DIN, BSW, ANIS, MS. мы также предоставляем OEM, в то время как мы создаем завод, поэтому мы можем предоставить вам лучшее качество и хорошую цену.



1. упаковка: коробка на поддонах; По просьбе клиента.

2. дата поставки: 25 дней после заказа.



Q: вы торговец или производитель?

Мы производители.


Q: как долго вы поставляете товары?

а: теоретически, если у товара есть запасы, то требуется 5 - 10 дней, а если требуется производство, то 15 - 25 дней, в зависимости от того, сколько вы хотите.


Кью: какие условия платежа у вас есть?

США, 100 - процентный аванс. платежи > = 1 000 долл.



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